Friday, May 24, 2013

Playing with cards can be deadly

Fans of Elmore Leonard's "Get Shorty" will enjoy "Drawing Dead."

Con men Tommy campo and Ben Fink operate the Tom and Ben Show speculating in comic books. They profess to sell collectible comics and one buyer is mobster Joey C. (Joseph Battagno). The comics are enclosed in a Stasis Shield and aren't supposed to be opened since it would destroy their value.

Joey C's girlfriend wants to read one of the comics and Joey relents. They find empty pages inside the cover. Joey sends his henchman  to find the con men and pay them back for making Joey look bad.

The search takes the henchman to Minnesota where Joe Crowe is a former cop. Joe is hired by stockbroker Rich "Dickie" Wicky to find out if Dickie's wife is having an affair and to buy the person off.

Dickie gets involved in the comic book scheme and goes overboard in selling them to his clients.

The author does a good job in describing his characters and providing them with unique characteristics so they'd be interesting to the reader.

I enjoyed reading about Joe and his girlfriend, Laura, both who seemed to have turned their lives around after being involved with cocaine.

The novel is well written, besides the comedic aspects, the reader knows they are getting a good story.

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