Saturday, May 25, 2013

"Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket." Song lyrics

A prospective client comes to P.I. Jake Desmond's office and wants him to find her husband. Jake learns that her husband is wanted by the police as a suspect on the killing of the man's partner who is Jake's friend and mentor.

To get by in the private investigator world in San Francisco, it is important to have many contacts, both legitimate and people outside the law. Joe knows many police officers and mobsters. He's also done many favors for people and getting information from them is a means of payback.

Joe's investigation is mildly interesting but I had the feeling that I've read books like this before. Perhaps that is part of the interest to the reader. For instance, as I read this novel, I was reminded of one of the leaders in P.I. writing in California, Philip Marlowe and the author Raymond Chandler.

I also loved the cover of "Catching Water in a Net." It seems to have a story in itself. I would have loved being in the room and see what the author was writing and try to learn why the author took one step rather than another.

This is a new author and I look forward to other books by him in the future.

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