Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Touch me in the morning" Song lyrics

Charlie Lawson joined a Franciscan order and became a Monk serving in Brazil.

Bill Hill is a former minister who currently sells R.V.s. He used to run the Uni-Faith ministry in Georgia.  Bill happens to see a young man named Juvenal touch a woman who had been blind for over fifteen years. Suddenly, the woman regained her sight.

Later, Lawson tells the reader that when he joined the Franciscans  they gave him the name Juvenal. Bill is sure that Juvenal has the healing touch and Bill feels that if he could get Juvenal to join a TV healing ministry, it could be a financial boom.

When Bill has trouble contacting Juvenal, Bill recruits Lynn Faulkner to help. She had been part of his Uni-Faith ministry.

The characters are well drawn and unique. One of the very different characters is August Murray who is part of a group called Outrage. They want the Church to return to the old ways and have Latin be the language of the Mass.

Very different from Leonard's standard novels and I enjoyed the image of Juvenal helping to heal the afflicted children. Coming from a procedure at the Smilow Cancer Clinic today, I wish Juvenal had his magic healing hand on the 8th floor.

Overall, this is a pleasant novel to read with interesting characters and a well described setting.

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