Friday, May 17, 2013

Pulitzer Prize winner and a book somewhat forgotten

1928 was a significant year in history with conflicts between China and Japan, with Germany gearing up their military and in Italy protests against Mussolini.

That was also the year in which Peterkin wrote "Scarlet Sister Mary" which won the Pulitzer in 1929.

The story details Southern Life with a setting in South Carolina.

Mary is a former slave who still lives in the plantation of her younger days. The Blue Brook Plantation is the name. Maum Hannah and Buddah Ben were as close to parents as she ever had.

The novel should be of interest to readers who enjoy Southern Literature with excellent dialogue and setting to help visualize the story even more.

I also enjoyed the way that faith comes into the story where Mary develops a wild side but eventually comes back to having a stronger faith.

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