Thursday, May 16, 2013

Roses are red sorrow is near

This literary novel reminded me of the book of Job.

Like Job, Eric Moore, had pretty much everything, a good job, good finances and well thought of in the community and a happy family.

One night, his teenage son, Keith, is asked to babysit for their eight-year-old neighbor.  Keith comes home on time and nothing seems unusual until the next morning when the neighbor calls to tell them that their daughter is missing.

The story deals with mistrust, and doubt where everything points to Keith and police look for little else.

Then, Keith's computer is confiscated by the police and he's brought in for questioning.

All this is told to the reader in literary style and when another character does something drastic, the girl's father tells Eric that this doesn't change anything.

The conclusion is beautifully done and leaves the reader thinking how one man can endure so much.

Highly recommended and deserving of the literary awards of winning a Barry Award and being nominated for an Anthony Award.

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