Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tough subject, terminal cancer

This is a difficult book to read for a person suffering from cancer.

Dad Lewis gets the sad news that he has terminal cancer and not long to live.

When Dad's wife, Mary, is taken to the hospital due to fatigue and nervousness, their daughter, Lorraine, comes to help care for them.

The reader sees the kindness of friends and neighbors from the start. Later, we share the visits from and memories that others have for Dad.  Among the visitors is Dad's estranged son and a woman he has been kind to.

The hospice nurse has a minor role but as a person living with cancer, I appreciated her visits, her bright attitude and caring for Dad and Mary.

There are other members of the Holt, Colorado community who the reader learns of and this enables the reader to get to experience small town life and the outpouring of compassion for Dad Lewis. A memorable character is little Alicia, an eight-year-old living next door with her grandmother. She has lost her own mother to cancer and is very frank in asking Dad if he has cancer and if he's going to die.

This is a book that touches the emotions of the reader and makes other cancer victims look twice at their lives, their families and their friends.

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