Sunday, May 12, 2013

You can run but you cannot hide.

Kate Randall is a member of a musical quartet scheduled for a tour of Poland and Belgium.

She has been seeing Michael Lester, an environmental journalist.  He also takes photos of well-known people, and one, of a politician who thinks the photo Michael took would be damaging to him (the politician).

The relationship between Kate and Michael is often acrimonious and she vows to end it. When the tour is cancelled due to one of the other members sudden sickness, Kate stops at Michael's cottage. She feels that this would be a good time to end the relationship.

They have an argument and inexplicably decide to have sex one more time. Soon after, Kate finds Michael murdered and covered with blood. When she tries to see if she can help, she becomes covered with his blood. 

Police arrive and soon view Kate as their main suspect. She gets the idea that the cards are stacked against her and escapes from the police to find evidence that will prove her innocence.

I found the story and Kate's actions improbable. She is a cellist in a woman's musical group and to have the backbone and resourcefulness to take the actions she does, seemed out of character.

I didn't like Kate as a character and didn't feel sympathetic for her, instead I wondered why anyone would want to know more about her.

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