Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Six Seconds" review

Reading "Six Seconds" by Canadian author Rick Mofina.
Enjoyable thriller about a terrorist plot where a woman in Iraq lost her husband and child and then is raped multiple times by a group of American contractors. She is found in a dazed condition and recruited by a terrorist to go to the United States, establish herself with a former truck driver in Iraq and await the opportunity to seek a proper avenue to seek revenge. In this case that is to assassinate the Pope when he visits the United States.
The truck driver, Jake, is suffering from Post Traumatic Depression and believes that his wife Maggie slept with another man when Jake was working in Iraq. The driver kidnaps his son Logan and meets up with the Iraq mole.
Maggie is persistent in looking for her lost son. There is good drama with
lots of twists and turns.
Five months later, in Alberta Canada two children are found dead. One, a little girl is almost rescued from an icy river by Daniel Graham, a Canadian Mountie who hears the girl say "...don't daddy...don't...please" just before she dies. He becomes convinced there is more to the children's deaths and he investigates from Canada to the United States.
It is interesting to see a Canadian Mountie at work trying to solve the crime.

Fine work that keeps you wanting more. Recommended.

See "Rush Job" In Randy Larkin's shared comments for more information on this author.

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