Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Don't Look Back...They're Right Behind You"

In Jeffrey Deaver's "The Bodies Left Behind," there's a home invasion in Lake Modnac, Wisc.
The frantic homeowner dials 9-11 but is cut off before leaving his message.
The sheriff's dept. isn't sure if the call is legit so sends the nearest officer, Brynn McKenzie, to investigate. She walks into a home with two dead bodies and narrowly escapes the killers who had been outside looking for a third house guest.
The house guest, Michelle, had apparently wounded one of the men and then shot out their tires so they couldn't leave the scene.
However, the killers want to eliminate anyone who has seen them.
Michelle and Brynn team up and attempt to reach a ranger station in the mountains. When they do, this becomes a case of cat and mouse with numerous close encounters until the situation is resolved.
During the time Brynn's husband becomes concerned with her absence and teams up with one of her younger police officers to see if they can find them.
The pace is brisk and the tension constant. Some plot developments are difficult to accept but Deaver moves quickly and gives the reader a number of surprises. This would be a good novel to bring on summer vacation.
"The Bodies Left Behind" has been nominated as best thriller of 2008.

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