Saturday, March 6, 2010

"A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city." Proverbs

Hard knuckled P.I. Frank Behr reluctantly agrees to help Paul and Carol Gabriel search for their son, Jamie, who has been missing for over a year.
Frank knows that the chances of finding Jamie, who would now be age thirteen are slim. He tells the Gabriels that even if they do find where Jamie is, they might not find him alive after all this time.
Jamie had never returned home after his job of delivering newspapers. Jamie didn't mind the necessity of getting up early to do his work because it gave him the opportunity to be on his new bike.
Frank begins the investigation and since the last thing that was known was about Jamie's bike, Frank looks into who may have had a business of stealing and reselling children's bikes. Progress is made and an old informant provides Frank with a lead.
As the case moves on, Paul, feels that he needs to be doing something himself to help find his son and he pleads with Frank to let him accompany him in the investigation. Although it is breaking one of his rules, after much persuasion, Frank agrees.
The reader follows the dramatic story as one step leads to another, as if peeling the skin of an onion. However, with each step of progress, something occurs that looks as if the investigation will be stalled.
This is a novel of family love and faith. The Gabriel's never give up. It is well plotted and realistic. Frank Behr is an enjoyable character to read. He seems a detective similar to Robert Parker's "Spencer."
The action was good and I look forward to reading other work by the talented author.

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