Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"I should have been a general...But thanks to a...master sergeant, I had a career reversal." Phil Hartman

The perceptive voice of defense attorney Mickey Hatcher leads the reader into a case of kidnapping and murder that occurred twenty-four years ago. Most of the witnesses and trial officials are deceased or mentally unable to remember the details of the case.

Mickey, who has been a well thought of defense attorney, crosses the aisle and is hired by the prosecuting attorney, Gabriel Williams, to work on this case as prosecutor. Jason Jessup has been in prison for nearly a quarter of a century for his crime but is granted a retrial based on new DNA evidence.

To recreate the case, Mickey is joined by Harry Bosch of the LAPD.

Harry must review the evidence and attempt to find a key witness, the victim's sister, Sarah, who was age thirteen when the crime was committed.

Celebrity defense attorney Clive Rivas defends Jessup and relishes his every moment in front of TV and news reporters. Jessup feels that he will be set free and make millions of dollars from a book deal. Clive Rivas doesn't mind bending the rules while defending Jessup.

The novel does a nice job in dealing with the grievous subject of a child kidnapping and murder. The reader experiences the attitude of law enforcement officials when dealing with a subject of such a heinous act.

The enticing story mixes the history of the crime, and the surroundings of the time. We also see the present and Mickey's attempt to prove that Jessup was guilty in a second trial.

Harry, Mickey and Sarah are sympathetic characters who are well described and generate feelings of hope for the reader. I enjoyed the story and felt that the outcome was logical and justified.
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Mason Canyon said...

I've been listening to this book on CD in the car. It's been interesting.

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