Monday, April 11, 2011

"Power: the only narcotic regulated by the SEC instead of the FDA." Unknown source

Terrorists set about coordinated attacks against America's energy system. A hydroelectric dam is blown up in Canada. However, when the terrorists attack the Captiana oil platform near Columbia, they are pitted against Dewey Andreas. He is a man who runs the platform " a battalion during wartime."

As the terrorists capture Dewey and bring him to the pumping station to complete their sabotage, Dewey realizes what the conspiracy is all about. He vows that if he lives, he'd find out who was behind the operation and hunt them down. He'd take care of the the men who were involved on the platform and then find their bosses and kill them and those above them.

This attack was timed to coincide with the merger of KKB and Anson Energy, a company with the goal of making the United States not have to rely on foreign governments for their energy needs.

As government officials scramble to find answers, we learn who masterminded the attacks. This man was born in Lebanon and grew to hate everything about the U.S. He was part of a terrorist plan and placed with a family in the U.S. to learn American ways and plot a sudden and massive strike against this country.

As exciting a thriller as I've read, the action flies off the page and keeps the reader's attention throughout. Dewey is a sympathetic protagonist and to the untrained eye, the action seems all too believable. The FBI is played in a stereotypical manner as a bungler and the fact that a few men can accomplish what government forces cannot, seems a stretch.

Even though some of the story has been done in the past, I did enjoy this novel and would recommend it to thriller fans. Please check out my Amazon review and if possible, at the end of the review when they ask if the review was helpful, please indicate "YES" Thanks.


Annette Mills said...
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Johanna said...

Sounds like a page turner, thanks Mike.

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