Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"There is no limit to the power of love." John Morton

Boston homicide detective Sgt. D.D. Warren is called in by Mass. St. Police liaison Bobby Dodge when a homicide is connected to a member of the State Police.

State Trooper Tessa Leoni is found beaten and bruised in her kitchen. Her husband, Brian is dead. He's been shot three times by her service revolver. In addition, her six-year-old daughter, Sophie, is missing.

It seems as if Tessa's relationship with her husband has deteriorated over the last three years. It is known that Brian has a gambling addiction and now it appears that he has cleaned out the family bank account.

In alternating chapters we see the investigation headed by D.D. Warren and Bobby Dodge. They learn of Brian's gambling and the appearance of spouse abuse. They also question what happened to Sophie and if Brian could have done something terrible.

Tessa had risen above alcohol dependency and a loose life of sexual encounters when she became pregnant with Sophie. From that moment to now, her life has been one of exemplary behavior.

As D.D. investigates, the search continues for Sophie and D.D. learns that she is pregnant. She promises this new creation that she will bring the child up in a better world.

Brian's autopsy reveals something and detectives arrest Tessa for murder. Again, we experience more of Tessa's point of view and come to realize that something more is developing.

Readers of Lisa Gardner should know that there is more to a story then originally is seen. As much as any thriller writer today,Lisa Gardner knows how to write a compelling story. When the reader begins to nod and believe that they know what is going on, things change.

D.D. Warren is one of the excellent characters and learning that she is pregnant at a time when she is looking for a missing child and questioning the motives of a mother whose child is missing adds a wonderful element to this story. I enjoyed every minute of this story as my fingers shook with anticipation of what suspense awaited me at the turn of the next page.

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Great comments. Makes me want to read it . Saw your review orver at Amazon and wanted to come her and comment as well.

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