Monday, June 25, 2012

The greatest day of your life is when you take total responsibility for your actions." John Maxwell

In a timely novel with major companies going public, "Total Control" discusses the world of finances and corporate espionage.

Jeffrey Archer is a highly regarded employe of Triton Global where his wife, Sidney,is a legal counsel. He's secretly looking for another job and books a flight to California.

Before the plane left, Jeff switches flights and goes to Seattle.

The plane that he was to take crashes, killing everyone aboard, includng Arthur Liberman, chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.

As the FBI is called in to determine if the cause of the crash was sabotage, Jeff's wife, Sidney comes under investigation.

Triton is a high tech company in the final step of bidding for CybeCom, which will bring the company great wealth. However, another high-tech company, RTG is alos in the bidding. They want to learn what Triton's bid is so they can beat it.

When it is discovered that Jeff wasn't on the plae that crashed, he comes under more and more suspicion. He's not available to defend himself and Sidney comes under more and more scrutiny. It seems that most of her fellow employees have their eye on how much money they can make for themselves in this mega deal.

When the FBI interviews members of the Federal Reserve, it adds to the authenticity of the story. Sidney seems to have only one person who thinks she isn't guilty and will that be enoughcompared to those who want to prevent certain information from going public?

Good characters and a complex plot that entertained throughout.


Deb said...

I wonder if the choice of the name "Jeffrey Archer" was intentional, since that is the name of a well-known British writer and politician (who served prison time for perjury among other things).

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