Saturday, September 21, 2013

Everything isn't calm beneath the waters of the Long Island Sound.

"Silent Waters" is a mystery set in the world of submarines and the things going on under the metal framework of a submarine and closed to outsiders.  The book centers on the hijacking of a submarine and the suspense as the sub heads for a target where the explosive power of the sub could kill millions. The target is New York City.

The new commander of the ship is Commander Darius McCann who finds a person to help his fight against the hijackers, Amy Russell, who is the ship superintendent.

The suspense grabbed me immediately as I wondered who would attempt to hijack a sub and how would they try to get away with it. Then I followed the U.S. President and his actions to stop this potential disaster from taking place.

Jan Coffey creates realistic characters and combines it here with a surprise conclusion that will keep the reader scratching their heads at the possibilities and methods that the protagonists might use to prevent the hijackers from achieving their goals.

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