Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Only the shadow knows for sure.

Peggy Rothschild sets her new novel in the  California High Desert. This is the world of cactus, desert bushes and frigid mornings. Casey Lang has had the experience of firing her weapon on an occasion where a small child was involved. The memory of this has stayed with her.

In this incident, a six-year-old girl has disappeared from a summer concert and since Casey is the only member of her department with the experience of a child being kidnapped, she's placed in charge of the investigation.

I was captivated by the images of the abandoned mines caught my attention along with the cactus and sagebrush. The cover jacket was also well done and made me very interested in the story that was to follow.

Casey Lang is an appealing character and one who the reader can feel empathy for. She leaves the big city and horrific incidents involving children and then, she's placed in a crime involving another child. She's placed in charge of finding a little girl who doesn't have anyone to stand up for her.

There was also a well done surprise toward the conclusion that stretched the entertainment and prolonged the memory of a well told story.

In short, Peggy Rothschild has put a nice mixture of suspense, interesting characters and a vivid setting that makes the reader want to learn more and more about the story.


Man of la Book said...

Another interesting book Mike, a well written review as well.


Unknown said...

Thanks, ManOfLaBook, I always appreciate your comments.
Stay well.


Heather said...

I agree, that is a very appealing cover.

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