Monday, March 30, 2015

Refugees in Israel

The goals we set for ourselves are sometimes met in unusual ways.

Michal Poleg is a young social activist in Tel Aviv. She believes in helping the downtrodden with her whole being. She's active in an organization that helps refugees and asylum seekers in Israel.

Michal has pursued a number of people who were taking advantage of the refugees so passionately that someone struck back and she was found dead in her Tel Aviv apartment.

Officer Anat Nachmias is given the lead in the investigation. It's her first murder case and she's trying to become a success in a man's world of police activity. She looks into Michal's past for answers.

She's clever and compassionate and looking into Michal's relationship with some of the refugees to see if there could be a connection to her murder.Then, a young African man confesses. Is this the end of the investigation?

Michal's boss, Itari Fisher begins the story agreeing to go on a date. His Jewish mother and good friend arrange it. Then he hears of Michal's murder and of the confession by the young African man both he and Michal were trying to help and he thinks there must be more to it. As his investigation soon he begins to work with Anal.

Liad Shoham is Israel's leading crime writer and is a practicing attorney. He paints a picture of a criminal world making money from the refugees - many of whom are from Eritrea where they left their country due to fear of mandatory conscription and for the women, forcible rape.

It is easy for the reader to compare the plight of the emigrants to the United States and to view those fleeing Africa daily.

The novel reads as fiction but is so real that it could be taken from behind the headlines. There are a number of red herrings and eventually a confrontation that would have satisfied Michal if she wasn't killed.

The story is magnetic and recommended for mystery fans and those believing in justice.

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