Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Truth often suffers more from the heat of its defenders than from the arguments of its opposers." Wm Penn

Georgia Parish is in Nulgarra, Australia for her grandfather's funeral.
She meets two people who get stuck in a river while driving to the airport. They are on the same plane to Carins when the plane crashes. It turns out to be sabotaged. Who was the target? Could it be Ronnie Chen who never showed up for the flight and was later found dead, murdered?
Another man on the plane was Lee Denham, supposedly, a person who smuggled Chinese people into Australia. Lee is a former police officer who is searching for Jon Ming, a scientist who left China with a valuable formula, and entered Australia illegally. In addition, other members of the Chen family want Jon, in order to take him, and his formula back to China.
Georgia is a character who is fun to read. The action never stops and Georgia is in the middle of everything. Some detail is a bit hard to believe. At one point Georgia's finger is chopped off in order to get information from her. She is still able to use her hand and attempts to fight with her hand wrapped up in a bandage.
The setting is well done. The reader feels the stark Australian bleakness and gets to know the feelings of the people. We also learn of the many Chinese who have been smuggled into the country and the consequences these people face if they are found and returned to China.
The plot develops in a logical manner and we share with Georgia, the search for Jon Ming and the attempted evasion of the Chen's. However, when the author provides one plot twist, I felt that it was not logical and made the reading of the story in disbelief.
Some good parts, a nice leading character and support by one secondary character but disappointment in the story's conclusion.

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