Saturday, January 21, 2012

"the shadow knows."


I can't say enough good things about this book.

In a CIA camp perched in the burning desert outside Kabul, Afghanistan, an Arab, posing as double agent, double crosses the Americans. He explodes a bomb in a suicide vest, killing many CIA officers.

We learn that there are American soldiers dealing drugs with the Taliban and the Kabul CIA station is a mess.

John Wells has been a CIA problem solver and is asked to travel to Kabul and find what is going on.

Knowing the country and fluent in the language, Wells poses as a Saudi and goes to a Taliban tribe active in the area. His goal is to meet the leader so Wells could discover if there is a CIA mole.

The suspense builds as we read the story wondering if Wells will succeed and if there is a mole, to stop that person before they might succeed in any plot they were planning.

The author offers more than a suspense novel, there is a discussion of how an American who has converted to Islam could still have his primary loyalty to the United States.

Berenson paints a realistic picture of what I would imagine Kabul would be like with a desert area surrounded by mountains and populated by various waring tribes. The author also describes the Pashtun hatred for Arabs and dislike for Americans.

It is a sad commentary to see the idealistic soldiers who come to this part of Afghanistan with the goal of keeping America safe, only to have some of these soldiers become involved in heroine and have their lives changed. It is a sad comparison to what happened to many young soldiers in Viet Nam.

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