Sunday, August 30, 2009

Here's a novel that should be an great movie.

Ben Forsberg is on his honeymoon when his wife, Emily, is murdered.
In Austin, TX, a hit goes wrong. Nicky Lynch, a freelance assassin, was supposed to kill two men. He murders Adam Reynolds, a software designer, who had information he was trying to sell to the government. However, Nicky was also supposed to kill the other and then set up Ben. The other man is a former CIA agent, called Pilgrim. Pilgrim escapes, finds Nicky and kills him.
Later in the day, two agents from the Homeland Security office call on Ben and ask him to explain why his card was in Nicky's pocket. They also tell him that Ben's name was listed on Reynolds' appointment schedule and his number was on Reynolds' cell phone. When Ben tells them that he knows nothing, they take him to their office.
Nicky's brother was also at the scene of the assassination, he informs his boss that there was a problem.
Sam Hector owns a security firm, Global Security. Sam is the one setting up Ben and Pilgrim. He has a second assassin team. When Nicky's brother, Jackie, tells him that they missed Pilgrim, Hector tells Jackie and the backup team to go to the building where Pilgrim has his office, kill everyone but bring back Pilgrim's boss, a woman known as Teach.
Pilgrim kills the members of the second team and rescues Ben from the Homeland Security office. The assassination team managed to kill one Homeland Security agent but not the other, Joanna Vochek. Jackie Lynch does capture Teach and brings her to Hector.
As this is happening, the reader learns that there is a team of Arabs in New Orleans planning something but we aren't sure what it is.
Ben and Pilgrim realize that they were set up and agree to work together to clear their names and find out who was behind the set up. They make a connection to Sam Hector, who Ben thought was a friend. Pilgrim had found a package of matches from a restaurant, Blarney's Steakhouse, with not much else to go on, they trace the restaurant and on their computer, Ben sees a photo of Hector and shows it to Pilgrim. Pilgrim is shocked. He knows the man and his name wasn't Hector when he worked on a covert operation with Pilgrim 10 years ago.
Now that they know who is setting them up, Ben and Pilgrim must get enough evidence to show to the officials. Then they must figure a way to stop Hector. They do know that Hector's firm makes money when there is unrest and they're sure he's planning something that will take many lives. Action is needed.
Jeff Abbott is a multiple Edgar Award nominee. He has written a complex plot that is packed with action and keeps the reader guessing. He has given some interesting plot twists that help make his story unique and appealing.
Ben is a likable character who goes from a mild executive to Rambo in a short time. Pilgrim has his own motives and his character isn't fully developed.
The story was well done and is already optioned for film.

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