Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Move over Jason Bourne!

Atticus Kokiak is a bodyguard and sometime assassin. He and his lover, Alena, are hiding out in Kobuleti, a Georgian town in what had been part of U.S.S.R.
Someone makes the mistake of murdering Atticus' neighbor and friend, Bakhar Logidze. They also murder the man's wife and son but they take his 14 year old daughter, Tiasa. They plan to use Tiasa as a payback for a wrong committed by Bakhar. They will sell her to human traffickers who will then sell her to be used for prostitution.
Atticus in a step similar to the plot of "Taken" the movie with Liam Neeson, decides to rescue Tiasa from the Georgian gang who took her. Atticus gets the name of the gang leader, Karataev. He pays the man a visit, goes through a shootout and makes the man tell what he did with the girl before Atticus shoots him.
In addition to the exciting story, it is interesting to see the places that Atticus travels to in attempt to rescue Tiasa. First he goes to Dubai. There he finds a home that is being used for child prostitutes. He shoots more hoods and rescues 7 girls. However, Tiasa is not among them.
Returning home to Kobuleti, Atticus finds his home burned to the ground. He is fearful until he hears that Alena has escaped and is in Russia.
The action is swift and the story told with mounting suspense. I'm reading about Atticus but in my mind, I'm seeing Jason Bourne on another of his adventures.
Atticus is a fun character who does whatever it takes to make a wrong into a right.
Well done and highly recommended.

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