Monday, September 14, 2009

An oldie but a goodie

This novel was the setting for the film of the same name in 1996.
Erin Grant, a former FBI employee has had her daughter Angela taken from her and given to her husband Darrell Grant in a custody dispute. Darrell made up some lies about Erin and got a couple of buddies on the sheriff's department to back him up so the judge gave him custody. Now she's been dancing in a strip joint to raise money to pay for an appeal.
One night, Congressman Dave Dilbeck attends the strip club. Another patron is with friends celebrating a bachelor party. The soon to be married customer gets on the stage and begins groping one of the dancers. Dilbeck is incensed and drunk. He jumps on the stage and begins hitting the celebrant with a bottle of champagne, knocking him senseless.
Another customer, Jerry Killian recognizes the congressman and takes a photo. He knows about Erin's daughter and sends her a note that he may be able to get her daughter back. He thinks he's going to persuade the congressman to use his influence to get the judge to change his mind and the photo will make the congressman agree to his demand.
Malcolm Moldowsky is the congressman's "fix-it" man. He learns that Killian is planning to use the photo in a detrimental manner and since this is an election year that can't be good. He makes a call and Killian turns up dead.
A subplot has the club bouncer, Shad, working with attorney Mordecai to sue Dilbeck for the trama he caused at the club. Mordecai is also working with the fiance of the bachelor and wants to sue Dilbeck for damages.
Sgt. Al Garcia is a moral character. He is the one who finds Killian's body and promises to catch his killer.\
This is an excellent novel. It had me smiling as one funny segment led to the next. Dilbert is such a timely character and reminiscent of Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. I wonder if the author has a sense of the future.
Nicely done and sure to give the reader many enjoyable moments.

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