Monday, September 14, 2009

Send Horvath to Afghanistan and our war will soon be over.

Dr. Julia Gallo is kidnapped in Afghanistan. The Taliban want her for a prisoner swap. They want mass murdering terrorist, Mustafa Kahn, released.
The president, Robert Alden, is grateful to Stephanie Gallo who helped orchestrate his campaign but now her daughter has been kidnapped and she wants the president to help get her back. He has a new approach to dealing with terrorists and doesn't believe in direct action. When he hesitates to help, Stephanie reminds him that she has info on the president's accessory in the deaths of four innocent people and the conspiracy to cover it up. Not far away, secret service agent, Elsie Campbell, overhears this conversation.
They summon Scot Horvath, counter terrorism operative who has been put out of action by the president's new laid back plan. They ask Scot to deliver Kahn to the terrorists as payment for Dr. Gallo's release.
When Scot gets to Kabul, he looks up an old associate, former recon Marine, Greg Gallagher. Scot also meets Greg's partner, Tom Hoyt, and their associate, Flower, an Afghan. By bribing a police official, they find out where Kahn is being held.
Meanwhile, the head of the local Taliban is Mullah Massoud. He is holding Julia captive. An Afghan boy inappropriately touches her and Mullah's brother breaks the boy's jaw. When the boy's father complains, Mullah has his Soviet advisor kill the man but make it look like an accident. Unfortunately for the Soviet, Serge
Simonov, two men from the father's village see him kill the father and he has to kill them. Now that village wants revenge on the Taliban.
Scot and his team free Kahn. Then with the help of the men in the father's village, go in search of Julia.
In Washington, D.C. Elsie Campbell has done her investigation of the president's cover up. What will she do with this information? How will Scot save Julia?
This is a wonderful action thriller that had me sitting at the edge of my chair and holding my breath to see what would happen next. Scot Horvath is a hero and admirable in a similar manner as is Lee Child's protagonist, Jack Reacher. Only major difference, Horvath deals with terrorists and takes the team approach.
Both are excellent.

A well written story that is strongly recommended.

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