Sunday, June 28, 2009

Here's a gate house that shouln't be opened.

John Sutter moved to London after his wife, Susan, killed her Mafia don lover, Frank Bellarosa.
Now John has returned to the Gold Coast of Long Island for the imminent death and funeral of an old family servant.
Anthony Bellarosa arrives at Sutter's home and offers him a job. Bellarosa is an uncouth character and constantly refers to Sutter's work with his father and how his father lost his home to taxes. Sutter attempts to ignore him but he follows Sutter as if he were Sutter's pet.
Sutter sees Susan and believes that Bellarosa might want revenge on her for killing his father but Susan doesn't heed his advice. Sutter and Susan rekindle their romance and decide to remarry. After hearing about their plans Bellarosa is furious, he threatens Susan and tells Sutter he is not immune to fallout.
Many of DeMille's novels have been outstanding, particularly "The Charm School," "Plum Island," and "Lion's Gate." However, this novel is below par.
There are pages upon pages where nothing happens. Sutter has wit and his dialogue is excellent but the plot, simply is boring. It was a struggle to finish and I would not recommend the novel.

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