Sunday, June 14, 2009

You'll bite your nails to the core reading this.

Dr. Abby DiMatteo is caring for a patient who entered Bayside Hosp. brain dead. Abby's boyfriend is Dr. Mark Hodell, a key surgeon on the cardiac transplant team.
The husband of Abby's patient agrees to transplanting his wife's organs. A fellow MD has a 17 year old teenager, Josh who is in desperate need of a heart but when Abby checks for a cross match she finds that Mark has changed the recipient to an elderly patient whose husband is a Machiavellian who tells his wife, he'll do whatever it takes.
When Abby asks Mark who changed the authorization, Mark tells her it was Dr. Aaron Levi.
The next day, Josh almost dies and Abby and her friend, Vivian decide to override Dr. Levi's decision. They move Jeff to Mass General and get the comatose's woman's husband to sign a release directing his wife's heart to Josh.
Gerritson is beyond compare when it comes to creating tension. Her medical background enables her to draw vivid pictures of what goes on in the transplant world. The scene where Abby and Vivian are transporting the heart to Mass General and the authorities from Bayside are ordering the ambulance back to that facility is built with extreme tension.
At the same time as we read about the transplants we read of a corresponding story where children are stolen from their parents in Eastern Europe and transported to a ship in the Boston Harbor. We can only guess what is going on with these children and what horrific event awaits them.
The husband of the elderly woman gets another heart but he is vindictive. He gets the hospital to force Vivian to resign and sets out to destroy Abby's career.
Again, Gerritson's style is well done and the reader feels at one with Abby and awaits her resolution to the delema. When Abby learns that Dr. Levi has committed suicide and two other doctors from the transplant team have had similar deaths, she investigates. What happens will take the reader to find out.
Read this, but don't wait until you're going to the hospital!

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