Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Hold Tight" and keep your children safe.

What lengths would a parent go to if they felt their child was in danger of getting involved with drugs or worse?
Dr. Mike Baye, a main character with some punch, and his wife,Tia have two children, 11 year old Jill and 16 year old Adam. Mike is a former All American hockey player from college and he doesn't hesitate to use his combative nature when his son's safety is threatened. When one of Adam's friends commits suicide and Adam starts acting secretively, the parents install a security device on his computer.
They find an email on Adam's computer telling him that people are getting together to get high at a neighbor's home when the neighbor's parents are due to go out of town. They feel that they must take action to keep their son from getting involved in something that might cause them to lose him.
In another part of this compelling story, two women are abducted and killed in a savage manner.
Harlan Coben does a masterful job of weaving different plot lines together to create a story that is hard to put down.
At one point we learn about pharma parties where teens steal drugs from their parents' medicine cabinets, and get together and put the drugs into a bowl and have a trail mix of some kind and get high.
This is a fine novel with well drawn characters, a disturbing plot with a lesson and dramatic tension that lasts throughout the story.
Highly recommended.

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