Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Don't miss this dandy.

Fans of Grisham's "The Firm" will think they've found a new ice cream store when they read this excellent drama.
Doug McKenzie is a new attorney. He joined his current firm for a chance to work with the best, Dan Morgan.
One day, while playing in the state amature golf championship, with Dan doing commentary and caddying, Dan gets bad news. Ferris Eddington's daughter Rita has been arrested for killing Ferris' only son and Ferris wants Dan to defend her.
Dan accepts and Doug is assigned to work alongside him. This is helpfull since Doug has almost grown up at Eddington's ranch where Eddington was a friend of Doug's father.
They learn that Ferris' son, Travis, was staying at an irrigator's shack on the ranch. Rita and her 12 year old daughter, Miranda, enter the house. Shots are fired and a ranch hand sees Rita holding the gun as she leaves the house. The women are brought to the police station and Miranda becomes catonic.
The trial begins. The prosecution is led by a somewhat stereotypical bumbler, Maximilan Hauser. Someone out to make a name for himself. Danny leads the defence. He seems to know everyone in the legal community. (If the story were filmed, this part would be well cast as Clint Eastwood.)
The writing style is precise and in tune with the characters who are wll drawn and likable. The author provides some excellent plot twists and the courtroom drama is well done.
Highly recommended.

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