Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"There is a passion for hunting something deeply implanted in the human breast." Charles Dickens

"Time to Hunt" tells the story of Marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger and his spotter, Donnie Fenn.
The first part of the story relates how short timer, Donnie Fenn was sent to Viet Nam for an added tour when he refused to betray a fellow Marine accused of associating with peace marchers in Washington, D.C.
When he meets Bob Lee Swagger and they travel in country in Viet Nam, they cause such damage to the Viet Cong that Viet Cong officials contact their Russian advisor. One of the Russian's makes a connection to Swagger based on his weapon and the 173 grain bullets. These are the same rounds used in target shooting and this Russian had lost a shooting championship to Swagger. He is sent into the field to eliminate Swagger and his spotter.
What follows in the plot will leave the reader gasping with suspense and plot twists that the author adds to his story. Needless to say, everything isn't as it seems. The action goes from Viet Nam to Swaggers home in Idaho, then to Washington, D. C.
The novel is a good example of why the author is considered one of the top thriller writers in America. The plot is original and Bob Lee Swagger is an excellent character and true hero.

Highly recommended.

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