Monday, October 24, 2011

"Devil or Angel..which one..(are you). song lyrics

Undercover American climatologist, Martin Faber is kidnapped by a group calling itself Forces of Popular Defense. The price of his release is the immediate withdrawal of all NATO forces within 150 miles of Mount Ararat.

The chapters describe the actions of different characters with Martin's wife, Julia Alvarez narrating her own actions. This change in point of view is professionally handled by the author.

As Julia narrates her actions, there is an attempt on her life and she is rescued by Col. Nicholas Allen of the National Security Agency. He informs her of her husband's kidnapping.

Col. Allen believes that Martin left clues about how to save him in the message he was made to deliver.

Faber is being held by a group that feels they are the descendants of angels and are about to be returned to heaven. To do this, they must destroy the world and will be able to do so with something that Martin and Julia possess.

They have a pair of stones that are magical and enable the possessors to see things. In history, it was thought that these stones could be used to communicate with the angels.

The premise of the novel is difficult for this reader to accept. Javier Sierra gives great detail and an interesting Index of churches and places in history to support the idea of talking directly with angels.

This plot driven story has an interest but didn't convince me not to be skeptical.
If the reader wants a trip into fantasy with the idea of speaking to angels and see multitudes of evidence of why this might be feasible, this novel would entertain.

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Tea said...

Good, good review. I think the story is really interesting and exciting.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Tea.
This was out of my normal area of books but I found it interesting.

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