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"Memories are all I have to cling to. Thinkin about the things we used to have." Song lyrics

"The Things We Cherished" is an energizing experience that speaks of two love stories and a time prior to and during WWII when the world was in turmoil.

Charlotte Gold has a background in researching the Holocaust. She and Jack Warrington are in Germany to team up for the legal defense Roger Dykmans.

Germany hadn't been pursuing war crimes cases but the Department of Justice pressured them into action.

Historican uncovered information implicating Roger in selling out his brother, Hans, to the Germans who was attempting to help rescue Jewish people from Germany.

Roger isn't helpful in his defense so Charlotte and Jack travel to Wadowice, Poland, attempting to uncover anything to help with the case. They learn about Magda who Roger loved but was married to his brother, Hans.

The story moves back in time to 1940 and we observe what was happening in Berlin with the German round up of Jewish people who lived in constant fear of betrayal and being taken by the German authorities. Roger, who is not Jewish, came to Berlin as a student, to live with his brother, Hans and Hans' wife, Magda.

With moving back between time periods, Pam Jenoff, slows down the pace of the story as if lengthening the drama and allowing the reader to feel for the independent Magda who doesn't want to be a captive in her own home, just because she is Jewish. Then, with her husband away for much of the time, she and Roger become romantically involved.

The reader is rewarded for staying with the story when it slows down because the suspense and action pick up leaving the reader with a novel that is well worth the read.

Both Charlotte and Jack are fully drawn characters of whom the reader becomes attached and wishing that they would succeed in their goal and their lives. This is a heartfelt story with an ending that will remain in the memory of the reader.


Johanna said...

I love books like this one, anything that deals with different time periods always peaks my interest. Awesome review!

Jeanne C. said...

Very cool, Mike... this is right up my alley!

Unknown said...

Once again your review really makes me want to read this book. I love "period" books. I've answered "yes" on your review at amazon, I'm a follower and would LOVE to win! Thanks for the opportunity!
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I completed step 1! I would love to read this!

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This book looks great!

I liked your review.
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This book sounds good. I marked yes on your review. I'd love to follow you on shelfari, but I don't see the link?? Please enter me in this giveaway. I do follow you by e-mail.


Denise Z said...

Well, you have done it again Mike, gone and introduced me to what sounds like an awesome read that I might not otherwise have looks at. Thank you and thank you for the giveaway opportunity, I would really like to read The Things We Cherished.
I am a follower :)
I liked the review on Amazon, I really did :)
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Patricia said...
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This one sounds like a heartbreaking love story either way it goes. Your review is wonderful, but I avoid books on this subject so don't enter me in the contest. I did like your review. You always have such great insight into the novels and characters. Guess that's why you're a writer.


Nancy said...

I went to view your review, am a follower of your blog, and voted Yes that your review was helpful. I would like to be entered in the giveaway for this book.

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Anonymous said...

This looks like a thought-provoking, emotional story. I'm in the mood for it! thanks, Rae

Heather said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book. I know this one would pull on my heart strings. No need to enter me in the contest.

The Loopy Librarian said...

Sounds like a wonderful read. Great review (I gave it a yes on Amazon). Please enter me in the drawing.
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Denise Z said...

Wow, Mike you have found another very intriguing read. Thank you so much for sharing about it with us and for your awesome review. I have of coursed liked it on amazon, but is a testament to my enjoyment of your sharing and my fingers are itching to read The Things We Cherished.


bookjourney said...

This book sounds and looks wonderful! I am not entering the contest as well... my book overload is a little spooky right now... ha ha

Katrina said...

I "yessed" your review on Amazon, and I'm a follower on your site. This review was fantastic, and since the story deals with WWII I really love this book.

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I would love to read this book! Thanks for the chance.

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This book sounds great. I would love to win it. I want to be part of the giveaway! I am a follower and said yes the review was helpful.


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Thanks everyone for participating. I'm attending a wedding in Long Island tomorrow so probably won't have the winners to announce until Sunday.
Hope we don't get the snow that was forecast.

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Congratulations to giveaway winners:
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Thanks to everyone for participating and hope you'll continue to join in.


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