Friday, October 7, 2011

"Our love affair is a wonderous thing." Song lyrics

"A Hidden Affair" describes how strong can a woman's love for the man who promised to marry her, and how long can that love last.

Jordan Weiss is on a mission. She has resigned from the U.S. Dept of Intelligence and is searching for her old boyfriend, Jared Short, in Monaco.

She has an old address and when she finds it, she observes a young woman entering the building. She asks the woman about Jared. The woman is evasive and when Jordan returns to ask more questions, she finds that the woman has fled.

Jordan meets an Israeli named Aaron who is also following the woman. He suggests that he and Jordan join forces. They do so and eventually develop a fondness for each other while maintaining a professional mistrust.

Interestingly, we learn of wine making in the area and that wine was used as currency during WWII. We also learn something about the Nazis demanding the best wine and the locals attempting to deny the Nazi's of this treasure. What happens to the true vintage of wine becomes part of the mystery.

Jordan Weiss is a strong character and a good match for Aaron but she continues her search for Jared even though events prove that he didn't deserve her devotion.

Pam Jenoff writes an interesting story that is well worth reading. With some of the action in places like Monaco, I would have enjoyed more of a description of the setting of those scenes.

The historical premise of the novel is riveting and even the minor characters are completely realized.

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