Friday, June 12, 2009

Love is blind could get you in trouble.

When you read about a killer being sent to prison and placed on death row, have you ever considered what becomes of their family?

Bill Floyd gives us something to think about in his well received debut novel, "The Killer's Wife."

Leigh Wren's husband is a serial killer. She tries to convince herself that the evidence she is finding around the home has some other explanation but after having a child and living with this for a time, she goes to the police. Her testimony helps send her husband, Randy, to death row. Then Leigh tries to start her life and that of her son, all over. She moves across country, changes her appearance and begins what she hopes will be a normal life.

Charles Pritchett is a wealthy man. He feels that Leigh must have had some part in the killings and his daughter, Carrie, was one of the victims. He hires detectives to find Leigh and when he does, he makes her life miserable, trying to disgrace Leigh and telling the authorities that he believes that Leigh might have been an accessory to Carrie's killing.

The detectives who found Liegh are horrified at what Pritchett does to Leigh and attempt to befriend her and tell her how she might retort the inaccuracies in Pritchett's attack, including his attempt to hire a convict to kill Randy in jail.

At this time there are more murders, that have a similarity to the killing that Leigh's husband did. They suspect that he was communicating with someone outside of prison and that person is carrying on his murderous activities.

Bill Floyd has written a story that covers murder from a new prospective. His dialogue is well done and the characters and their actions are logical. Similarities are drawn between Floyd's writing and that of Dennis Lehane. If he can be compared to Lehane, that's a wonderful compliment.


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Look for a new review of Stephenie Meyer's "New Moon" by Mike Draper, coming soon.

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