Monday, July 27, 2009

Charlie Parker is in trouble but not from humans

Charlie Parker has lost his P.I. license so moves back to Portland and gets a job as a bar manager.
Since he has time on his hands, he decides to look into his father's suicide.
His father, Will, was a former New York City police officer who killed two unarmed teenagers. After turning himself in at the station, he went home and killed himself.
In another part of the story, young people are killed and a symbol is placed on them or nearby.
In Charlie's investigation, he finally gets his father's old partner to give the details of the shooting. Will and his partner found a young woman, Caroline Carr who was in distress and claimed that a man and woman were after her and were strange. Will protected Caroline and later slept with her and she became pregnant. Just as she was about to give birth, the man and woman appeared, the man was distracted and was killed in an auto accident but the woman killed Caroline. However the baby lived.
At the same time, Will and his wife, Elaine were expecting but when Elaine tells Will that the baby she was carrying has died, Will decides to raise the baby of he and Caroline as his own.
As Charlie learns about the two children that his father killed, he learns that these entities had killed Caroline, now were here again in the body of different hosts. But now they were after Charlie. His father wanted to stop them, whatever the cost.
Things happen and the suspense is constant. This is well done and once started, is hard to put down.
The evil forces are after Charlie, Charlie and his friends Angel and Louis are there to meet the evil forces, how they do it and what the outcome is are part of the fun.
The reader has to be able to suspend their belief in the real world and be able to move into the science fictional world that John Connolly writes about so well.
Well recommended.

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Linda Nguyen said...

Ah, I've seen this book around quite a bit, but I haven't gotten myself a copy yet. So many books, but so little time! =)

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