Sunday, July 19, 2009

This story once again proves Harlan Coban's excellence

After the 2008 success of "Tell No One" where the French adaptation of Coban's 2001 best seller, the author returns to Paris for the start of this story.
Myron Bolitar gets a call from an old girlfriend, Terese Collins. She asks him to come to Paris. At first she says it's for an evening of fun but it turns out differently.
Myron wasn't going to come but circumstances made him change his mind. Once he arrived in Paris, Police Capt Breland and another officer detain him, question him as to why he's there and permit him to leave.
Myron meets up with Terese and once again the police detain them both. Myron tells Breland that Terese informed him that her former husband, Rick Collins, had something urgent to discuss with her but disappeared before their meeting.
The police had put a listening device in Myron's cell phone at the airport. They tell Myron and Terese that her former husband has been murdered. In addition there was blood and DNA at the scene came from Rick and Terese's daughter. Terese is startled. She only had one child but that child was killed in an accident.
How is it possible?
Once more Coban is a puzzle master. His solution is logical and I shook my head that I didn't figure it out. The plot is highly original. Myron Bolitar is an interesting, humorous character of numerous Coban novels. His friend Win gets better and better. This reader would love to see him made the leading character of a future novel.
The final conflict of this story is ingenious and demonstrates why the author is among the very top of authors in the mystery and popular field.
Highly Recommended.


Unknown said...

Mike, thanks for stopping by. I am a follower of your blog.

Again, thank you.

-Jennifer D.

bookjourney said...

LOVE Coben! I have not read this one yet but think I have read everything else by him.. Amazing author, cant wait to get my hands on this one!

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